The Animal Project

  • How do you translate the geometry of your models into two dimensions?
  • What are the shapes present in your model that can move into two dimensions, retaining strong visual representation?
  • What are visual details that can be added or removed during the conversion process?
  • How can you balance representing both your animal and its habitat?
Illustration found online

Sketching Compositions


  • Different representations of the angle of the shark — how close was it to the camera, what part of it was emphasized
  • Location in which the image was shot — what were the other things interacting with the animal i.e. corals, people, other fish species?
  • What were the different ways in which water was represented? Was it the horizon line, below eye level, or above?
  • I also saved visually appealing imagery — representations that I thought worked due to composition and subject matter.
  • Loss of Habitat: Since they are primarily found in reefs and mangroves that are facing prominent depletion due to climate change, loss of habitat becomes a big part of the reasons why their population is declining.
  • Over-fishing: Blacktips are commercially fished for meat and are regularly caught by inshore fisheries and are vulnerable to depletion because of their small litter sizes and long gestation periods.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2



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